Ironman for Julia

The Torture of a Parent

Julia's brain cancer recurred in July 2011.  She is almost complete with all of her chemotheapy and will go to Duke Medical Center for a bone marrow transplant in December.   In February, she'll start receiving an experimental vaccine made from her own tumor, to help her towards a cure.  This vaccine research has shown promising results, and the lab working on it needs more fund to help develop more vaccines for kids and adults fighting brain cancers.  Please donate!
  • I planted a seed

I knew that it was going to be the most beautiful flower

When it sprouted I watered it

I gave it love and made sure it had everything it needed to grow

I kept weeds away from it

I loved it with all of my heart.


As it grew, my little flower blossomed

She was the most beautiful flower that I have ever seen

I was so happy.


My flower didn’t look right

Something was wrong

Terribly wrong

After much searching I found that my flower had been poisoned with the worst kind of poison.

I was so angry.

Who did this?

I am so big and strong, if you want to fight, fight me! 

Let me see you you cowardly poisoner!

I yelled at the world

I hated everyone and everything, hoping that one would show himself as the poisoner

No one did

I even hated God.

That did not help.


My flower dwindled

She could not stand up without help

The medicine that I gave my flower seemed as bad as the poison

I was distraught

I was full of rage

I did stupid stuff.


And then it happened.


My flower stopped dwindling

Teetering as if on the edge of a sharp knife, I watched her

I was unable to help, but her roots grew and anchored her

My flower became stable and slowly recovered.


Day by day I could see my flower strengthen

It took time

And time can pass so slowly.


The poison was gone

My flower blossomed again

At first, it was not the same flower

Not better, not worse, just different

I was happy.


Then a remarkable thing happened

My old flower erupted in full blossom

She exceeded my grandest expectations

I was so happy

My rage was gone

I realized I was foolish for hating God.


Everyday my flower grew stronger

She was the light that warmed my heart and soul

I had never been so happy

All was right in my world

I relaxed.


A terrible trick has been played on my flower and me

The poisoner has been back

I could not seem him to fight him

But I know he was here.


My flower looks fine

Better than ever in fact

It’s all part of his cruelty

Deep inside, his poison is working

I cannot see it, but I know it

And I fear that he used a much worse poison.


That coward

Show yourself!

Fight me, poison me!

You coward!

I am so strong!

Fight me!

But he doesn’t show himself to me.


I see the future

Strong medicine will be required to have any hope of saving my flower

It will surely make her sick

It will weaken me

And I think that I am so strong.


The poisoner was oh so clever

He revealed my weakness by attacking my flower

I was never strong

It was all so clever of a deception that it deceived even me

Time may be running out

And time passes so quickly

I may be lost

Someone help.