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What is a Cancer Vaccine

Vaccine Immunotherapy for Recurrent Medulloblastoma  (REMATCH)



Many of the improvements in survival in childhood cancer are the result of clinical trials that have attempted to improve on the best accepted therapy available. Clinical trials in pediatrics are designed to compare new therapies with those currently accepted as standard.   The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center has opened a new clinical trial for children who have failed standard treatment for medulloblastoma and have been diagnosed with recurrence of their tumor


The protocol (Re-MATCH) is a clinical trial investigating a new approach to treating aggressive pediatric brain tumors.  Doctors at Duke aim to train the immune system to recognize the differences between tumor cells and normal brain cells and to seek out these tumor cells and destroy them without causing further damage to normal tissues.  This treatment approach was pioneered at Duke University Medical Center, and the Re-MATCH clinical trial will test the safety and effectiveness of this treatment.


Immunotherapy is a specific approach to treating cancer that has shown promise in adult patients for the treatment of melanoma, malignant brain tumors, and other cancers, and the investigators at Duke hope to use the experience gained in the immunologic treatment of adult patients with malignant brain tumors to improve the clinical outcome for children affected by this disease.